In accordance with Polish law it is allowed to copy documents for your personal purposes. The restrictions in this regard are included in the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of 4 February 1994.


On the premises of BUW readers may take photos of library materials for their personal use. Photographing of special collections necessitates the consent of a department head.
Due to the protection of collections, it is forbidden to take pictures with a flash or other elements illuminating the photographed object. It is forbidden to bring a scanner to the premises of the library.

 Self-service devices

At BUW you may use self-service copying machines, scanners and printers. In oder to use self-service devices, you need to buy a magnetic pre-parid card, which costs PLN 3.00, and top it up with a relevant amount of money in reloaders located on levels 1 and 2. The location of all devices can be found on interactive BUW floor plans.

  • One A4 copy costs 0.35 PLN gross
  • One A3 copy costs 0.70 PLN gross
  • One A4 copy from a microfilm or a microform – 1.05 PLN gross.
  • A scan – 0.10 PLN gross.
  • One A4 black and white print – 0.70 PLN gross.

More information about reprographic services in Table 2. Price list

 Reprographic Office

The Reprographic Office offers the following services:

  •  scanning and photographing of original items (of up to A1 format), microfilms and microforms with professional digitisation equipment,
  • making copies and prints (on one side only).

Orders can be placed by filling in the form and sending it via e-mail to the address: (Note! In order to download the forms in .doc, .docx and .rtf formats please open them in a new tab):

Orders are processed as follows:

  1. The Reader sends a complete form to the address:
  2. The Reprographic Office verifies the contents of the order and appraises the costs of its fulfilment and sends it to the Purchaser. In case of doubt the Office contacts the Purchaser.
  3. The Purchaser makes a payment in accordance with the data sent by the Office.
  4. After the funds are credited to the BUW account, the Reprographic Office proceeds to fulfil the order.
  5. The Purchaser receives the copies in accordance with the order and later arrangements.

The scan quality depends on:

  • File type:
    • TIFF (larger in size, good for publishing),
    • JPEG (smaller in size, best for reading),
  • Colour depth (quality):
    • colour (good for any kind of object),
    • greyscale (best for complicated texts without images),
    • black and white picture (best for easy texts).

The size comparison of TIFF and JPEG files with different colour depths:

  • TIFF files

  • JPEG files

The Staff of the Reprographic Office helps in determining the appropriate digitisation parameters.

Free scanning

Employees and doctoral students of the University of Warsaw can still order scans for free. Scanning will be carried out only if a person has an active library account at the University of Warsaw Library, with no overdue library (BUW) materials and with no fees charged by the University of Warsaw Library. Readers with accrued fees in faculty libraries can order scans in BUW.
Only completed order form should be sent from an e-mail address existing in the domain to the address:

One person may place maximum one order per week.
All library materials, with the exception of non-scientific current magazines can be scanned.
Up to 50 pages of original text (not scans) can be ordered. The scans will be saved to black and white TIFF files or PDF (no OCR). The Reprographic Office decides which format is the most suitable for the order.
Orders will be processed in order of application.
Due to the GDPR, orders placed by persons using fake personal data will not be carried out.

Detailed information about the reprographic services can be acquired at the telephone: (22) 55 25 400.

Detailed rules for rendering reprographic services:

  1. Reproduction of library materials from the BUW collections is carried out with respect for the copyright and related rights.
  2. The University of Warsaw Library can provide a one-time licence to individuals or institutions for the publication of materials from its collections on the basis of the completed form, unless this is in conflict with the law of copyright and related rights.
  3. Granting a one-time licence for purposes other than teaching and research is subject to charges and costs from 200 to 1000 PLN. The fee shall be set by the BUW Director, taking into consideration the shared material value and the nature of the project.
  4. Copies can be made directly only from books and periodicals published after 1918, as long as they are in a good condition and shall not exceed A3 format unfolded.
  5. In the case of an ordered reproduction of objects from BUW special collections and in the case of applying for a one-time licence to publish them, it is required to fill in a special form, which can be sent electronically to the Digital Resources Development Department (ORZE):
  6. In the case an ordered reproduction of library materials from BUW collections or objects from BUW special collections for purposes other than research and education you will be charged a fee for accessing this material in the amount of 100 to 500 PLN on top of the cost of the service. The fee shall be set by the director or the head of the relevant special collections department or ORZE head, takind into consideration the shared material value and its condition.
  7. Archives, libraries and museums are exempted from the fee for providing library materials for reproduction, as long as the purpose of the order is not commercial.
  8. The order delivery date depends on the size of the order and together with the final cost of the service is each time determined by employees of ORZE. The standard period of order completion is up to 14 working days.
  9. The precondition for starting the reproduction of cimelia and valuable special collections, as well as for the execution of an order, whose estimated cost exceeds PLN 200 gross, is making a prepayment of 50% of the order value.
  10. The cost of reproducing the library material is increased by 50%, if the order is made in express mode (out of queue order).
  11. For services performed by ORZE we offer the following discounts (but they do not apply to orders from the Customer’s own materials):
    • 25% for UW employees, students and PhD students.
    • 25% in the case of orders of more than 150 scans from one library material and in the same format and not posing a difficulty in processing.
    • 40% for the performance of a digital copy, if BUW decides to include it into the University of Warsaw Library electronic resources (e-bUW).
  12. Discounts do not combine on one order.

Guided tours

The following rules for booking dates and making payments for guided group tours are in force at the University of Warsaw Library:

  • The offer of guided tours is addressed to adults and secondary school students. Group ticket price is 50 PLN.
  • There are no guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • In order to book a guided tour for groups please complete the application form for a guided tour of the University of Warsaw Library and send it to
  • You may also book a guided tour for groups by phone (+48 22 55 25 181 or 183). The person who books a tour will receive an online form to complete.
  • To book a guided tour please contact us at least one month (30 days) in advance.
  • BUW confirms the booking of the guided tour by e-mail within 3 business days. Only the confirmation of the booking sent by BUW is tantamount to booking the specified date.
  • Payment:
    • by card at the Information Desk
    • or by bank transfer to the BUW bank account no later than 3 business days before the booked date of the tour.

Bank account no.: 69 11602202 0000 0000 6085 0087
IBAN: PL 69 1160 2202 0000 0000 6085 0087, BIC/SWIFT: BIGBPLPWXXX
Title: BUW guided tour, date, name of school/institution

  • Cost-free cancellation of the booking is possible up to 3 days before the agreed date of the tour. The Organizer must inform BUW of the cancellation by email to
  • In the event of resignation later than 3 business days, BUW has the right to charge the Organizer with the full cost of the tour.
  • The tour starts at the main entrance to the Library.
  • The library tour lasts approximately one hour.
  • Group: up to 30 people.
  • In the last week of September and throughout October, visiting of BUW is suspended due to the training of students taking place at that time.
 Individual tours

Visiting the garden

The garden is open to all visitors seven days a week (excluding days when special events are organized). Visiting the garden is free of charge.

BUW garden regulations

  1. Garden Do’s:
    • Only pedestrian traffic is allowed, in the upper garden only along the designated paths;
    • children under 16 must be accompanied by parents or carers.
  2. Garden Don’ts: In the garden it is forbidden to:
    • damage or pluck plants;
    • damage or move any infrastructure elements;
    • tamper with any technical appliances;
    • touch any glass surfaces of the building;
      stay on the roof during storms and strong winds;
    • lean out of the railings on the roof;
    • swing the viewing platform;
    • throw any objects from the roof;
    • step into water or climb trees;
    • disturb silence or public order;
    • bring and drink alcohol or use any other illegal substances;
    • run any commercial activity or peddle;
    • bring any animals (excluding guide dogs);
    • create fire hazards.
  3. The following activities require a written consent of the BUW Director or the Administrator of the BUW complex:
    • holding public events and gatherings;
    • organizing money collections;
    • running any commercial activity or peddling;
    • placing adverts or posters;
    • commercial photographing or filming with the provision that photographs intended for publication must bear the name of the garden;
    • staying in the garden outside the sightseeing times;
    • providing the garden for scientific and research purposes.
  4. Final provisions:
    • in the garden you must follow the instructions of the security staff and the Administrator of the BUW complex resulting from these Regulations;
    • the owner of the garden and the Administrator of the BUW complex are not responsible for any accidents that occurred due to non-compliance with applicable law and the provisions of these Regulations, including accidents caused by third parties;
    • the owner of the garden and the Administrator of the BUW complex do not provide protection for people staying in the garden and property brought into the garden;
      visitors and those using the garden facilities bear full responsibility for damage caused by them or persons in their care;
    • controlling and enforcing the provisions of the regulations are the responsibility of the security staff and the Administrator of the BUW complex;
    • persons violating the provisions of these Regulations may be subject to criminal liability whose mode and principles have been determined, among other things, in:
      • the Act of 20 May 1971, the Misdemeanor Code (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2013, item 482);
      • the Act of 26 October 1982 on Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism (Journal of Laws of 1982, no. 35, item 230);
      • the Act of 31 January 1980, on the Protection and Shaping of the Environment (Journal of Laws of 1980, no. 3, item 6);
      • the Act of 16 April 2004 on Nature Conservation (Journal of Laws of 2004, No. 92, item 880);
  5. Any complaints and requests related to the functioning of the garden shall be made to:
    the Administrator of BUW complex – the Office of Real Estate “Powiśle” 00-312 Warsaw, ul. Dobra 68/70 or by email to: Office opening times: Monday – Friday 8-16, phone (22) 55 25 918

Rooms for rent

BUW offers rooms and spaces for rent, in which you can organize conferences, sessions, training, lectures, shows and exhibitions.
All rooms have air conditioning.

To rent a room please contact:
BUW Administration – Marlena Nawrocka
phone: (48 22) 55 25 880

 Exhibition room


  • 540 m2
  • without equipment
 Conference room (316)

  • 202 m2
  • seats: 150-200
  • chairs also with writing tables
  • sound
  • projector
  • cabin for simultaneous translation
  • platform
 Projection room (256)

  • 86 m2
  • seats: 100
  • chairs also with writing tables
  • projector
  • sound
  • translation cabin
 Conference room (254)

  • 62 m2
  • Seats: 50-60
  • chairs also with writing tables
  • mobile projector
  • sound
 Lecture room (315)

  • 72 m2
  • Seats: 35 or 50-60
  • chairs and tables
  • mobile projector
  • sound

Photo and film sessions

 General Information

Thank you for your interest in the possibility of photographing and/or filming on the premises of the University Library.
Taking pictures for personal use is permitted without prior consent. You cannot use flash, a tripod or additional lighting.
Photographing and/or filming in the Main Reading Room is not permitted.
Tampering with the equipment of the library (for example, changing the placement of bookshelves, changing the position of the books, removing computers from desks, changing the position of tables) is not allowed.

 Licence for photos and/or filmmaking

Photographing and/or filming, which goes beyond the normal use, may be permitted only in exceptional cases and outside the opening times of the University Library (see Opening times). The licence is subject to a fee.
A written request for permission shall be sent by e-mail to the address at least one week before the desired date.

In the request, you must provide the following information:

  • place of shooting and/or filming,
  • the reason for choosing the location,
  • the content of the planned shots,
  • the purpose of photos and/or film,
  • the contact person/company,
  • the date of taking photos and/or filming,
  • approximate duration of taking photos and/or filming,
  • the type of equipment used for photographing and/or filming,
  • the number of visitors,
  • date/place of material publication.

We also ask you to pay attention to the following rules.
People entering the premises of the University Library accept provisions of BUW Regulations (see the Regulations).
The University Library shall receive free copies of the publications, photos or videos.
The Mission of the University Library is to provide and promote an atmosphere conducive to learning, teaching and research, therefore, we reserve the right to restrict photography and/or film sessions in order to ensure the appropriate conditions for our readers.

Organisation of exhibitions and events

The University of Warsaw Library conducts cultural and educational activities.
On the premises of BUW there are presented exhibitions of paintings, drawings, boards, photos and from historic buildings.
In the library there are held various cultural events, such as readings, screenings or meetings with authors.

To propose an exhibition/event, please send an initial description to the address, where you shall include the following details:

  • personal/institution details,
  • the name and nature of the event,
  • a description of the event,
  • the date of the event,
  • form of cooperation with BUW.

Lending of facilities

 Lending of exhibition on boards (text in Polish language)

The University of Warsaw Library offers the following exhibitions on boards (Polish language only):

  • “Julian Ochorowicz (1850-1917). The bold thinker. Graduate of the University of Warsaw. A Renaissance man in the time of positivism ” – 27 boards, size 0.70 x 1.00 m (print on light foam), 1 banner
  • “Fashionable, a dandy, elegant. Men’s fashion in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century in magazines from the collections of the University Library in Warsaw ” – 58 boards, size 0.70 x 1.00 m (print on light foam)
  • “Chemists – graduates of the University of Warsaw” – 25 boards, size 0.70 x 1.00 m (print on light foam)
  • “Professors of Warsaw Main School” –  40 boards, size 0.70 x 1.00 m (print on light foam)
  • “Karol Szymanowski” – 31 boards, size 0.90 x 0.90 m (print on light foam)
  • “Karol Szymanowski. Sources and inspirations” – 38 boards, size 0.70 x 1.00 m (print on light foam and PVC)

The request for their lending should be directed to the Promotion, Exhibitions and Cooperation Department,, phones: (22) 55 25 309, 55 25 175, 55 25 346, 55 25 283.

Request for lending an exhibition on boards

The request shall include:

  • details of a borrowing institution,
  • a description of the event which the exhibition is to be part of,
  • scheduled dates of the exhibition.

Lending is based on a lending agreement.
Transport to the exhibition site and return to BUW takes place at the expense of the institution applying for lending.
BUW reserves the right to charge a service fee for the exposure of the exhibition.

 Loans of objects from BUW collections for exhibitions

Institutions planning to organise exhibitions using objects from the collections of the University of Warsaw Library are requested to submit a written application to the Director of BUW.
The application for lending objects from the BUW collections for exhibitions shall contain the following information:

  • details of the institution planning the exhibition and of the exhibition itself (the subject, circumstances, partners),
  • details of exhibition conditions (a facility report); BUW reserves the right to refuse to lend objects whose display at the applicant’s event will not meet the conditions necessary to maintain the proper condition and safety of the objects,
  • the dates of the planned exhibition and the suggested period of lending; BUW reserves the right to refuse to lend objects if the application is submitted less than 6 months before the planned opening of the exhibition,
  • a list of requested objects.

Lending is based on a lending agreement.
BUW reserves the right to determine how to prepare objects for display. The applicant meets the costs incurred in connection with such preparations (cleaning, repair, etc.), travel expenses and business expenses of a BUW representative supervising the assembly of exhibition of objects from BUW. An estimate of the costs of preparing the objects for the exhibition is provided by BUW upon receiving an official application for lending.

Application for lending BUW objects

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