• The library provides scientific and educational support for the University of Warsaw staff and students, at the same time making the collections available to all entitled persons, in accordance with the regulations. We strive to improve the visibility of our resources on the web and to promote them effectively and globally. BUW integrates information about the collections of UW libraries.
• It collects files in electronic and paper form. It uses unique historical, artistic and other special collections for scientific, educational and popularizing purposes.
• It applies new technologies. Taking care of the development of IT infrastructure and modern library systems, it provides access to excellent search tools, strengthening users’ information competences.
• It builds organizational culture in an atmosphere of friendly cooperation. It takes care of the employees’ identification with the library’s goals while providing them with the possibility of individual development and constant improvement of their qualifications.
• It cooperates with UW units and various scientific and cultural institutions. BUW creates its own research, educational and cultural offer. It reaches an increasing number of users, including young audience at primary school age.
(source: document Strategy of the University of Warsaw Library (BUW) for years 2015-2018)

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