Maintenance of objects

Numerous valuable objects that are stored in special collections (from the artistic, historical and special collections) require protection and maintenance. BUW does not have sufficient funds to restore them to the excellence of their original condition, to a condition when we could share them with interested readers (among other things, for the purpose of scientific research), present them at exhibitions, both in the country and abroad. Repairs are required of sixteenth-century books, engravings, maps, globes, music prints and manuscripts from the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as theatre and film posters from the early twentieth century. We appeal to private persons and companies who would like to help financially maintain the selected objects. The cost of maintenance works depends on the type of an object, ranging from 300 PLN in the case of 20th-century posters up to 30,000 PLN for the maintenance of old prints. We also offer you to take care over a selected object/a set of objects from the special collections in the scope of microfilming, digitalization, and scientific documentation of an object.
Detailed descriptions of objects requiring maintenance are presented below.
In exchange for financing or participating in the costs of maintenance works of BUW special collections, we offer the title of patron, sponsor or donor of the University of Warsaw Library.
In addition to the standard sponsorship package we offer our partners as follows:
influence on exhibition activities and projects, participation in all events taking place in the exhibition hall and other selected events in the Library space, the possibility of organizing your own projects at the Library (in a scope that does not collide with its regular functioning), an exclusive curator tour of exhibitions and library collections, organization of a dedicated cultural and educational program – shows, lectures, concerts, invitations to annual meetings of the Friends of the University of Warsaw Library, combined with a gala dinner, a display of names of Individual Partners and logotypes of institutional partners on the honorary board in the University of Warsaw Library exhibition hall and on all information materials of the University of Warsaw Library, access to the University Library collections – honorary library cards.

We also encourage you to give selfless financial support for the Library’s activities and make payments to the following account:
Bank Millenium S.A.
account no. 69116022020000000060850087
Title: donation to statutory goals of BUW (in Polish”darowizna na cele statutowe BUW”)

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