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British Periodicals Collection IV

Multidisciplinary database of electronic journals offering archival titles: The Field (1853-2005), Tribune (1937-2005), The Highway (1903-1959), War Weekly (1939-1941), Answers to Correspondents (1888-1955), Humorist (1922-1940), Wide World Magazine (1898-1965), The Marvel (1893-1922), Top Spot (1958-1960). Magazines available in image format with searchable text. Users can filter results by type of article and download articles as PDF or JPEG images. The collection is a useful source of research in 20th-century topics such as social history, history of journalism and gender studies.

From November 1st, 2018 access to the database only from the computers of the Institute of English Studies of the University of Warsaw.


The CEIC database contains macroeconomic, sectoral, financial-banking and statistical data. Records data from around the world since 1946.

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Temporal access until January 14, 2019.

CUP Law Colection

A collection of law books by Cambridge University Press.

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From October 1st, 2018, test access in the EBA (Evidence Based Acquisition) model.
The collection is available on the Cambridge Core platform until September 30, 2019.

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