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  Access to the databases from computers, telephones, tablets and other devices operating within the University of Warsaw network: in the University of Warsaw Library (BUW), faculty libraries and other UW units. To access a database a valid library account is necessary. (i.e. a valid library card or ELS / ELD / ELP activated as a library card) can use this entry.
Remote access to the databases on computers and other mobile devices operating outside the University of Warsaw network. This option is only for UW students, PhD students and employees having a valid library account (authorization is required: use your library card number and your password to the library account).
Ebookpoint BIBLIO (Helion)
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A multimedia digital library containing approx. 7 thousand. publications, mainly by Helion and Onepress, in three formats (e-books, audiobooks, video courses) in the following areas:

  • Technique and Mechanics
  • Operating Systems
  • Electronics
  • Graphics / Video / CAX
  • Programming
  • Computer Networks
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Mobile devices
  • Web development
  • Office
  • Development tools
  • Popular science and academic
  • Business and Economy
  • Foreign Languages
  • Mathematics

Books can be read by 5 users simultaneously.

To download / borrow a book, you must create an individual user account on the platform.

Encyclopedia of Slavic Languages and Linguistics Online
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The Encyclopedia of Slavic Languages and Linguistics offers a comprehensive overview of the languages of the Slavic language family and the different ways in which they are and have been studied. It provides authoritative treatment of all important aspects of the Slavic language family from its Indo-European origins to the present day, as well as consideration of interaction of Slavic with other languages.

Duke University Press
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Access to e-Duke Books Scholarly Collection and e-Duke Journals Fundamentals (contains, among others, reputable journals: History of Political Economy, American Literature, History of Political Economy, The Philosophical Review, Novel: A Forum on Fiction).

Access until 31 December 2020.

Project Euclid (Duke University Press)
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Project Euclid – platform with mathematical journals and resources / tools in the field of mathematics, statistics, analysis, algebra, logic.

Acces until 31 December 2020.

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On this platform there is a multidisciplinary collection of English manuals, these are books transferred from the Dawsoner database and one new title.

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The database contains 3 million graphic objects documenting artifacts from museums, private collections and other sources.

To use the database, log in to your personal account. Without logging in, only a small part of the resource is visible.

Trial access until 31 December 2020.

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Jacoby Online
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The digital equivalent of the six-volume work of Felix Jacoby Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker (Polish Fragments of Greek Historians) – a collection of fragments of the works of historians of ancient Greece, whose works were not found, but are known from citations or summaries.

ProQuest Ebook Central
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There are 92 publications in the collection that you can see when you click Search.
To download a book, you must have an account on the platform.

Brill Covid-19 Collection

More than 30 leading STM publishers have committed to making all of their COVID-19 and coronavirus-related publications immediately accessible. At Brill we have opened up books and articles on topics such as public health, distance learning, crisis research.

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Open access to approx. 2,000 books in the humanities and social sciences, and temporary access, due to Covid -19, to almost 250,000 books from over 200 university publishing houses and scientific societies.

Books with open access are marked with the “OA” icon, books are temporarily available with the “Free” icon.

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JSTOR provides access to more than 10 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines.
Art & Humanities I-IX, XI-XIII, XV collections are available.

Until 31 December 2020 the access is expanded to additional source collections and e-book collections.

EMIS - remote access
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The EMIS database contains economic and financial reports and listings of companies from around the world.

Temporary access to EMIS database on home computers is launched for UW students, PhD students and employees.

Edward Elgar Publishing

Edward Elgar Publishing offers free access to social and legal sciences publications through his Elgaronline digital platform.

Elgaronline digital platform 

Cambridge University Press - e-books
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A collection of law and psychology books by Cambridge University Press.

Index Religiosus
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International Bibliography of Theology, Church History and Religious Studies
Bibliographic database, contains almost 600 thousand descriptions of scientific publications on theology, religious studies and church history.
Access will be available during the project period, i.e. until January 2021.

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