Borrowing and returns


UW students may borrow up to 10 volumes for up to 30 days.
Students can borrow the same amount of books from UW faculty libraries (from 1st October 2021).
A book can be renewed up to 5 times, unless it’s already overdue or it’s been reserved by someone else.

Books located in the Open Stacks have colourful stickers on them. Books with a blue or white sticker can be borrowed and taken home. To do so, go to the Circulation Desk or use a SelfCheck Stacion. (How do the selfchecks work at BUW).

If you need more information, check here or ask us!


Books from BUW can be returned:

  • to the return box by the main entrance
  • at the Circulation Desk
  • or in a SelfCheck station

How do the selfchecks work at BUW.

Remember about the due dates (check them on your account) – the fine for each day of failing to return a book is 0,40 PLN, in the case of Kindle readers – 1.00 PLN for each day. Overdue returns and fees block your library account.

In the case of losing or damaging a borrowed book, please contact us via mail:

If you need more information, check out this page or ask us!

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