GOMBRO at the University Library

The GOMBROWICZ exhibition completes a cycle of events in connection with the 50th anniversary of the writer’s death. Gombrowicz studied at the Warsaw University Faculty of Law, therefore, the University Library is the perfect place to launch the exhibition dedicated to the author of Cosmos.
The show will then tour Poland, ‘visiting’ not only the locations associated with the writer’s biography. The organisers are going to display it in Radom, Kielce, Lublin, Gdynia, as well as Vence in the south of France, where Gombrowicz spent the final years of his life and is now buried.
The exhibition scenario has been prepared by Anna Spólna and Tomasz Tyczyński, the arts concept created by Adam Orlewicz. Photographs produced by Bohdan Paczowski and Susanna Fels as well as pictures from the collections of Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature and the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences Library are used.
The exhibition mainly consists of quotations from Gombrowicz’s texts that present the writer’s attitude to the world, literature, and himself. It also contains information about Ferdydurke author’s biography and oeuvre and brilliantly selected photographs. Their layout and the arrangement of the whole have produced an artistically interesting effect of ‘para-mirror’ reflections. The biographical information and the quotations are provided in three languages: Polish, English, and French.

The display will be opened in the University Library passage at 56/66, Dobra Street, at 18.00 hours on 23 January 2020.

Bits of the writer’s texts will be read by Mariusz Bonaszewski, who has played in Cosmos directed by Jerzy Jarocki, to the accompaniment by Jerzy Małek, a trumpeter, composer, producer, and a lecturer at Gdansk Academy of Music.

The exhibition itself will be mounted in the catalogue room. It will be available during working hours of the library until the end of March.

The exhibition is organised by Witold Gombrowicz Museum, branch of Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature, in partnership with Warsaw University and the University Library
The exhibition is subsidised by the Mazovian Regional Government.

Icons: Freepik (www.freepik.com) from www.flaticon.com, Retina Display Icons (www.iconfinder.com/iconsets/TWG_Retina_Icons) from The Working Group (blog.twg.ca).