We would like to thank all the individuals, companies and institutions who have supported the activities of the University Library.

Sponsors and donors in the year 2018: Sp.z o.o., Henkel Polska, SAGE Publishing.

Sponsors and donors in the year 2017: Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Muzeum Hymnu Narodowego w Będominie.

Sponsors and donors in the year 2016: Amazon Fulfillment Poland Sp. z o.o., Artists who donated their works to 6th auctions, National Library of Poland, Robin Boyle, Darczyńcy w akcji Książka z rekomendacją, Zofia Fotek with Family, Foundation „Zdrowie, Rozum, Serce”, Sylwester Gładyś, Margaret Grock, Helena Janiec with Family, Jadwiga Kotońska, Hanna Makowska, Zbigniew Makowski, Wiktor Marciniak, Mieczysław Matejak, Olga Mierzejewska, Zbigniew Okorski, Marcin Pałys, Ewa Sulich, Foundation “Pro Helvetia”, Paweł Szymański, Jacek Urbaniak, Barbara Wciślińska, Inga Woropińska, Publishing House of the University of Warsaw, Wolters Kluwer Publishing House.

Sponsors and donors in the year 2015: Robin Boyle, Darczyńcy w akcji Książka z rekomendacją, Elizabeth Franek, Foundation „Universitatis Varsoviensis”, Foundation „Zdrowie, Rozum, Serce”, Anna Grzejewska, Barbara Holzer, Igor Homziak, Henryk Jaros, Jadwiga Kotońska, KPMG Sp. z o.o., Wiktor Marciniak, MARRO, Meblik Sp. z o.o., City of Warsaw, Grzegorz Michalski, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Grzegorz Moryciński, Adam Mrygoń, Zbigniew Okorski, Polish Music Information Centre, Maria Rzemieniecka, Błażej Straszyński, Ewa Sulich, Jerzy Timoszewicz, Ewa Tomaszewska, Barbara Wciślińska, Publishing House of the University of Warsaw, Wolters Kluwer Publishing House.

In exchange for financing or participating in the costs of the planned works, we offer the title of patron, sponsor or donor of the University of Warsaw Library.
In exchange for a given financial support and/or gifts in kind we offer our donors and sponsors the standard promotional and advertising services package, negotiated individually, depending on the value of support given, as well as a special package which includes:

  • a tour of the building and gardens on the roof of the library for special guests,
  • presentations of selected objects from the collections of art, historical and special collections departments,
  • participation in tea ceremonies carried out by UW specialists in Japanese studies in a traditional Japanese tea pavilion chashitsu Kaian,
  • the possibility to hold a meeting, a concert, a business or art event in BUW gardens,
  • the possibility to organize a meeting, a presentation, a conference, etc. in one of BUW rooms, the possibility to hold an exhibition, a meeting or a photo shoot in BUW space.

We also encourage you to give selfless financial support to the Library’s activities and make payments to the following account:
Bank Millennium S.A. account no. 69116022020000000060850087
Title: donation to statutory goals of BUW (in Polish”darowizna na cele statutowe BUW”)
Please inform us of your money transfer by email:

Please contact us:

  • Director’s Secretary : tel. (22) 55 25 660, e-mail:,
  • Promotion, Exhibitions and Cooperation Department: phone: (22) 55 25 283, (22) 55 25 175, e-mail:

We invite you to cooperation!

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