Demand Driven Acquisition

Now you decide!

The University of Warsaw Library has launched a service – Demand Driven Acqusition (DDA). You can decide which e-books will be acquired by the Library! You can choose from the 200,000 titles of e-books offered.
Every month the Library allocates a certain amount of money from its budget for buying e-books in the DDA service.
To view the collection of e-books available for purchase, select the E-book tab located on the Library’s main website and enter any word in the Search bar. You can search for e-books by title, author or keywords.
The red button next to an e-book title:  – means that it is not yet owned by BUW, but will be purchased automatically by the Library if one of the following conditions is met:

  • if you download the entire e-book,
  • if you display it for over 10 minutes,
  • if you open over 10 pages,
  • or if you print, email, copy and paste part of a page from an e-book.

You can use the above options after logging in to your account on the EBSCOhost platform.

Before buying, we recommend that you review the content of the chosen e-book in Google Book Preview  .
If you are convinced that the certain title should be in a permanent BUW collection, press the button 
Access to the text is possible only for one logged-in, simultaneous user. However, you can make reservation for the e-book being currently used. You will be informed by email when the book is available.
Attention! Other e-resources, including e-books already purchased by the Library, can be found through the Multi-search tool as well as through Online Resources.

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