„Around My Own Axis” Katarzyna Ferworn-Horawa Exhibition of doctoral thesis in University of Warsaw Library. Doctoral supervision of Professor Leon Tarasewicz

Vernissage: 21 June 2018, 18.00, passage in University of Warsaw Library, Dobra 56/66

Exhibition “Around My Own Axis” in University of Warsaw Library is the presentation of the doctoral thesis in the field of fine arts of Katarzyna Ferworn-Horawa, under the supervision of Professor Leon Tarasewicz under the title: Impression of cognition. Act of creation as the act of cognition. The public defence of doctoral thesis is due on 11th July, 2018 in Faculty of Graphic Design in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Arrangement of paintings in BUW

Katarzyna Ferworn-Horawa graduated from Interior Design Faculty (MFA) and Media Arts Faculty (DA candidate) under artistic supervision of Professor Leon Tarasewicz, both in Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Currently at PHD studies in Philosophy Institute in University of Warsaw. As visual artist combines image, movement, space and word in projects at the interface of different artistic media and philosophy.

This is how she writes of the process of painting of her doctoral work: Barefoot, I enter the canvas covered with paints. I stop at the centre and I perform a gesture – the sign of the beginning of event in time – I spread my arms. I take possession of space by marking its orders that belong to the body. I start turning around my own axis. My body, space and motion in time constitute the creation act. The artwork takes its form unplanned when the wet paint smears under my bare feet. With every step the painting unravels in movement, like the world around us, and it imposes itself as an event. My creative act of painting a canvas in the process of spinning around my axis has the features of a short, intense experience which consists of losing and regaining the balance. Sometimes the act of painting one artwork lasts only a few steps, other times it turns into a longer battle to stay on foot in vertical position. I, the subject of cognition, struggle to stay as the centre in relation to the amorphous matter, the object of cognition. The world opens to me as an experience which establishes its own language. My artistic act becomes the act of philosopher. The world answered my call as the painting which is now ready to be acknowledged by the conscious mind of mine and of the Other. The act of cognition , as act of the creation (in the mind) of the picture on the basis of an impression, and the act of creation of the picture as the effect of the motion of the body, are equivalent in my painting experience. The act of cognition requires the creative moment in the place where it transfigures from impression to a picture in the mind (the imagination) and, similar to the act of creation, it is open to all that is new and surprising. The act of creation is directed towards the unpredictable external world and assumes its disclosure — it is in effect the acknowledgement of the unknown.

Organizer: Katarzyna Ferworn-Horawa in cooperation with University of Warsaw Library

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