BiblioWawa - Warsaw Loan System Programme

BiblioWawa -  Warsaw Loan System Programme

Do you want to borrow books from Warsaw academic libraries? BiblioWawa makes it possible.

Bibliowawa is a Warsaw Loan System - a joint project of seven Warsaw academic libraries, offering the possibility of borrowing library materials on the basis of reciprocity. It is addressed to students and employees of the following universities:

     The Maria Grzegorzewska Pedagogical University,
     Józef Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw,
     Warsaw University of Technology,
     Medical University of Warsaw,
     Military University of Technology,
     Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw,
     University of Warsaw.

If you want to use:
     Report to your library and register in the online Registration System ,
     Go to the library you want to borrow books from.

The Warsaw Loan Programme can be used by:
    full-time and part-time students of all levels of education (except for students participating  in exchange programmes, e.g. Erasmus, MOST, MOSTAR);
    students of post-graduate diploma courses;
    academic staff, except individuals working under contract to perform specific tasks.

How do I get access to the BiblioWawa service?
You become eligible for reciprocal borrowing after  applying to your home library. The eligibility is registered in the online Registration System. It allows activation of an individual library account in each of the participating libraries.

After you become eligible you approach directly library which collection you are interested in. The librarian verifies your eligibility and sets up your individual library account. From this moment on you can borrow library materials. Detailed rules for loans are set out in the regulations of the participating libraries. Users are responsible for complying with rules and regulations of the libraries they borrow from.

What documents are used for identifying a user in the BiblioWawa System?
    Electronic Student ID;
    Electronic PhD Student ID;
    Electronic Employees ID;
    Warsaw City Card - in the absence of the above mentioned documents.

Are electronic resources of the BiblioWawa libraries also available?
Electronic resources of the participating libraries are available remotely only to the home library users. Other users can access e-resources on site in the host library.

How to settle the account?
The final settlement  is done online through the Registration System. In order to log in to the system use your ID card and the password obtained during registration to the BiblioWawa system. If you have a login problem, please report to your home library.

Is the service charged?
Registration in the system is free of charge. However some fees for activating individual library account may appear. The amount of the fee is regulated by the price lists and policies of each of the participating libraries.