Online catalogue

  • How to find a book

You can find a book using the online catalog. You can search by author, title, subject or keyword.

 The online catalog indicates the location, call number and status of a book.

"LOCATION" – tells you the specific location in UWL

Please note Polish terms:

"BUW Magazyn" –  Storage

"BUW Wolny Dostęp" – Open Access

 "BUW Księgozbiór Dydaktyczny" – Textbooks Collection

or in other faculty libraries of the University of Warsaw (e. g. Wydział Prawa – Faculty of Law).

If a book is located in any of the faculty libraries, you should go and ask for a book there (list of faculty libraries – link).

In case any other “Location” is indicated, please ask a librarian at the Reference Desk.

 "CALL NUMBER" – indicates the identifying number to locate the book. Books from Open Access bear Library of Congress numbers in an alphabetical and numerical representation of a book’s location on the shelf. Please note that in UWL there are eight subject areas.

If a book is located in the storage (BUW Magazyn) a numerical call number is needed.

"STATUS" – indicates the status of the book.

Available – indicates that the book should be available on a shelf. In case the book is not on a shelf – someone may be using it at that time on premises of the Library.

Due and a date of return – indicates that a book is checked out.

Non-circulating – a book may be used in the Library only.

In case any other “Status” is indicated, please ask a librarian at the Reference Desk.

Please note that not all items have been shown in the online catalog yet.

The online catalog contains books published after 1994 and some older ones. If you cannot find a book published before 1994 in the online catalog, please use the paper catalog and paper order slips.