The Library possesses equipment which allows blind and visually-impaired persons, as well as users with movement disabilities, access to University of Warsaw Library holdings. They may use their own materials additionally in a comfortable environment.


  1. For blind and visually-impaired persons we have:
    1. 2 computer stands in individual work rooms on level 2 (access and reservations through the Reference Desk) with the following equipment:
      • computer with Braille screen, scanner with FineReader software, and JAWS software for Windows NT,
      • computer with scanner, OCR FineReader software, Braille printer, JAWS software for Windows NT, voice synthesizer (bilingual, Polish-English version).
    2. 2 computers on level 1 (next to the Textbook Collection) - with access to Internet and local databases - equiped with 19'' screens (resolution 640x480), JAWS software for Windows NT, voice synthetizer (bi-language, Polish-English version). Login password can be received and reservations made at the Reference Desk.
    3. 2 text magnifiers:
      • computer magnifier Reader VGA in the individual work room in the Reading Room (allows using books from closed stacks),
      • magnifier with independent screen - located on level 2 (next to subject area Social Sciences. Anthropology).
    4. 2 recording studios of books located in the individual work rooms on level 2.
At the Reference Desk patrons can get basic information about using computer software and, in the Reading Room, about using magnifiers. Basic courses on how to use such equipment are organized by the Computer Center for Blind and Visually-Impaired Persons ( This center also gives detailed information for disabled Library users.
  1. For persons with movement disabilities we feature:

2 computers on level 1 (next to the Textbook Collection) - with access to Internet, local databases, and Microsoft Office software - equipped with 19'' screens, PS/2 keyboards, a mouse (Trackball Pro - diameter 5,7 cm, 4 push-buttons; Expert Mouse Trackball - diameter 6 cm, 4 push-buttons), and speakers 40 W. Login, passwords and reservations can be received at the Reference Desk. Warsaw University also possesses alternative keyboards and mouse equipment, which could be installed in the Library on user demand. Please contact the Office for Persons with Disabilities (tel. 55 24 222, e-mail: