Subject Card Catalogue of Books
Records for books acquired by BUW between 1918 and 1997. It does not include belles-lettres (except: anthologies, legends, fables and satires), periodicals or items from Special Collections. The Subject Card Catalogue is situated on level 1 and is available on-site only. In this catalogue you can find out which publications the Library owns about a specific subject. The catalogue is organized in a way similar to an encyclopedia.
Subjects are in alphabetical order. In each of them, catalogue cards are ordered hronologically, from the most recent to the oldest.
For example, subjects in this catalogue can be:
a geographical name, e.g. WARSZAWA, TATRY, WARMIA
a historical event, e.g. POWSTANIE LISTOPADOWE

In a separate series you can find personal entries. These contain publications about famous people, such as writers, artists, and scientists; notable families; and even about mythical characters.
NOTE: On the outside of each tray we list only first and last subject headings.

Subject records on the colorful bookmarks are arranged in alphabetical order. Each record contains publications connected with the given subject, arranged chronologically from the latest to the oldest editions.