Alphabetical Card Catalogue of Books

The catalogue contains records for books published after 1801 and acquired by UWL before 1997. Since 1998 – records only in computer catalogue (OPAC).

The Alphabetical Card Catalogue is available online:

Catalogue records are in alphabetical order, mainly by authors and titles. Author’s record – surname and name of the author(s) – publications written by one, two or three authors. Title’s record – the 1st word of a title – publications written by more than three authors or anonymous The alphabetic catalogue contains also various references, for instance from co-author’s or  editor’s or translator’s name, form polonized version of author’s name (Wolter, zob./see/ Voltaire) form an author’s pen name /pseudonym/ (Litwos, zob. /see/ Sienkiewicz, Henryk). 

Catalogue cards within the author’s records are placed (located) according to the following rules: references, author with co-author’s, joint publications, particular items (works) in the original language (in the alphabetic order of titles), then translations in the alphabetic order of languages.