Other on-line catalogues at the University of Warsaw

Multisearcher FIDKAR UW (catalogues of UW libraries and selected Polish and foreign libraries) 

Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology Library  (HORIZON)

Catalogue http://katalog.pan.pl/webpac-bin/220r_ifisPL/wgbroker.exe?new+-access+top

Institute of Information and Book Studies Library (MAK)

Catalogue http://biblis.lis.uw.edu.pl/katalog.htm


 Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology Library (MAK)

Catalogue http://www.etnologia.uw.edu.pl/cgi-bin/makwww.exe


 Institute of Classical Studies Library (MAK)


Jan Baudouin de Courtenay Library of the Institute of the Polish Language (MAK)

Catalogue of books http://www.bijp.uw.edu.pl/cgi-bin/makwww.exe?BM=1

Catalogue of periodicals http://www.bijp.uw.edu.pl/cgi-bin/makwww.exe?BM=2

Catalogue of the latest publications (new releases) http://www.bijp.uw.edu.pl/cgi-bin/makwww.exe?BM=3 

Wacław Borowy Library of the Institute of Polish literature and the Institute of Polish Culture (MAK)



 Institute of Western and Southern Slavica Studiem Library (MAK)



 French Culture Centre Library (QuickBook)

Catalogue http://www.okf.uw.edu.pl/fr/biblioteka.html

Institute of English Studies Library (MAK) http://www.ia.uw.edu.pl/en/research/library/catalogues

American Studies Center Library (MicroVTLS/MAK)

British Studies Centre Library (MAK)