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UW Library offers the following rooms with installed audio-video equipment, which was devolved the Library by Japanese government as a part of worldwide program “Cultural Grant  Aid  of Japan”:

  • Special Collections exhibit room (Rm. 316), 203 m2, chairs,  Photo.
  • conference room (Rm. 254), 61.5 m2, chairs and tables, seating for 47, Photo 1Photo 2.
  • projection room (Rm. 256), 84 m2,  chairs (also with writing tables), Photo 1Photo 2Photo 3.
  • lecture room (Rm. 315), 64.5 m2, without equipment, Photo.

All rooms are air-conditioned and handicapped-accessible.

Conferences, discussion groups, lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions can all be held in our Library's spacious and comfortable rooms. Organizers can make arrangements with the Library for mutually convenient times.

The space in front of the Reading Room (level 2) as well as that in front of the Manuscripts and Maps Rooms (level 3) can also be rented for exhibits.


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