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1. Priority access to computers is for the users browsing resources and using electronic services offered by the University of Warsaw Library in research, teaching and learning purposes at the university level.

2. To obtain access to the internet on the Library computers via a wired network (zone on level 1) and/or a wireless access to the internet on a personal laptop (WiFi network available in the Open Stacks area) a user has to:
a)  have a valid library account,
b) authorize it, i.e. type the number of  his/her library card and the password.

 3. Working time on computers with internet access is limited to 3 hours per day with the possibility to extend it for another full hour on the same day, if the internet will be used in research, teaching and learning purposes at the university level. Procedure of extension of time is possible at the Information Desk on the basis of user library card number.

4. To work on computers adopted to disabled users’ needs is possible after presenting a certificate from the Office for Persons with Disabilities of the University of Warsaw.
5. The library employees are not obliged to configure the personal laptops in order to gain access to the internet.
6. Those who are using the Library computers are not allowed to:
a) take any action resulting in devastation or damage to Library computers and their accessories, network destruction and software disruption,
b) make any changes in the configuration of the Library computers, attempt breaking the existing IT security system and interfere with the content of  the data collected,
c) take any steps to circumvent the time limitations on access to the internet,
d) send and share content that is unlawful or which is the subject of intellectual property (which does not belong to a user),
e) send and share content that can violate anyone’s personal rights,
f) distribute the content of a commercial nature (spam messages),
g) distribute computer viruses and other programs that may damage the computers (hardware and software) of other internet users,
h) conduct a commercial activity using the Library computer network,
i) make the Internet connection available to the third party.

7. Accessing the internet is on the sole risk of the user who is responsible for:
a) the way in which he/she uses his/her account, including the content and the content of the messages sent to, and including criminal liability,
b) the consequences arising from the use of the account by any third party (giving a password, not logging out after the end of a session).

8. In the event of disobeying these Terms or misuse of the internet for improper purposes, the Library is entitled to:
a) demand a user to leave the computer station immediately and take further action in accordance with the Rules of Use of the Warsaw University Library Collection,
b) temporarily or permanently deprive access to the Internet,
c) claim from a user compensation for damages if the Library suffered as a result of failure to follow these terms

9. Sanctions listed under point 8 are not mutually exclusive and
 „Rules of use of computers in the University of Warsaw Library” do not replace and is without prejudice to the generally applicable laws. 

These Terms of use of computers in the University of Warsaw Library shall enter into force on the day of announcement, which repealed Ordinance from 25th May 2006 (ZarzÄ…dzenie nr 1/2006 Dyrektora Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej w Warszawie).

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