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Annex 2 to the Regulations of the Library and information System, University of Warsaw


Chapter I
General provisions

1. These Regulations define the rules for the use of the University Library collections.

2. The University Library collections and facilities, are public goods. Detailed information describing the rules and how to use the collections and services are available to the public

3. Use of the Library collections and services are free. However, the user pays charges for special services specified in the Price List for the University Library services introduced by the Rector. In particular these are: a) costs of drawing up ordered secondary documents, such as xerographic, photographic and digital copies, and computer printouts, b) costs of producing a library card with a photo and its duplicate, c) costs of using software not directly related to information gathering, d) costs of operating the capped account, e) costs associated with the implementation of interlibrary loans, f) fines for non-return of borrowed books.

4. Terms of use for electronic resources are determined by the terms of the license and University Library internal rules.

5. Rules for the use of collections available in the University Library which do not constitute property of the Library may be determined by separate provisions.

Chapter II
Eligibility to use the collections

1. University Library collections are available to holders of library cards or day tickets issued by the Library.

2. In these Regulations, a library card is: a) for UW students – an Electronic Student Card (ELS) after it is activated, that is, registered in the computerised library system, b) for other users – a library card issued by the University Library upon presentation of an identity document or documents.

3. The right to use the collections and services of the Library shall be acquired upon receipt of a library card or activation of an ELS for all interested persons who fulfil the following conditions: a) are at least 18 years of age, b) accept the provisions of these Regulations.

4. The library cards listed in par. 2 shall provide entitlement of two kinds: a) to use the collections on site, b) to use the collections on site, as well as borrow them outside the Library.

5. Rights arising from the possession of card may not be delegated. Authorisation for another person may be issued only in exceptional cases (e.g. illness, disability, other unforeseen occasions) and for a specified period not exceeding six months, on a special form.

6. The reader has the right to have one library card.

7. The cart referred to in the par. 4 pt. b may be given to: a) all employees of the University of Warsaw, including retired, b) students and graduate students of all kinds of studies conducted at the UW, and post-graduate students, c) visiting UW professors, d) independent academics from outside the UW registered in Warsaw, e) other users, based on the decision of the Director of the University Library, f) libraries of agencies of the University of Warsaw, g) other academic libraries in Warsaw with the approval of the head of the Department of Circulation and Academic Information.

8. The cart referred to in the par. 4 pt. b, may, after a financial deposit, be given to: research and teaching staff employed at the UW for a specified period on the basis of civil law contracts and, with the approval of the Head of the Department of Circulation and Academic Information, doctoral students who are affiliated with UW via a promoter, upon presentation of a recommendation from him. A capped account shall be valid for one year. Reimbursement of the deposit, less charges for administering the account, shall take place after settlement of obligations to the Library. The deposit and account fees are determined by the Price List for University Library services. One year after the cessation of the use of lending room, an uncollected deposit shall be paid into the University Library account.

9. Library cards are issued for a limited period and subject to prolongation. Prolongation is possible only in the absence of user commitments to UW libraries and the UW library and information system.

10. The University Library also issues day tickets in the cases provided for in the rules of order.

Chapter III
Access to collections
General rules

1. University Library collections are available: a) on site, b) by lending outside the Library, c) through interlibrary loan, d) via computer network in the case of electronic resources.

2. Independent academic teachers are served first, and request forms submitted by them at the Reading Room are implemented immediately.

3. The University Library Collections Copy Section creates secondary documents (copies) from the University Library collections, UW agency libraries, and in justified cases also of works introduced via interlibrary loan. The University Library provides users with self-service copiers and printers. The University Library has the right to refuse consent to copy certain library materials (19th-century collections, damaged, etc.).

4. In the creation of secondary documents, the provisions of copyright law shall apply. On-site circulation


1. The collections of the University Library may be used in reading rooms, staff rooms, the Open Access area and in study carrels and group work rooms.

2. The usage of reading rooms, staff rooms, special collections reading rooms, other collections, and study carrels are laid down in the detailed instructions by the Director of the University Library.

3. Collections in open access and the Reading Room (except collections requested from closed stacks) may be enjoyed by readers independently in publicly accessible areas for work.

4. CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes, both independent and attached to books and magazines, are stored and made available in the Current Periodicals and Microforms Reading Room. They may also be borrowed outside the Library.

5. Library materials stored in closed stacks or reference collections should be ordered on special request forms or by computer. Microforms may only be ordered on request forms. The reader may use these materials only in reading rooms or study carrels. Procurement is defined in the instructions for using the reading rooms and study carrels.

6. Works delivered to reading rooms may be reserved at the reader’s request. Materials not used within three days are returned to closed stacks. Works in open access may not be reserved.

7. In the Reading Room, in addition to its own collection, materials imported from other libraries through interlibrary loan are also provided.

8. All users may use the computers located in the Open Access area in accordance with the separate rules on using computers in the University Library.

9. Computers and study carrels for people with disabilities are specially marked off in the Open Access area. Authorisation for the use of the abovementioned equipment is issued by the University of Warsaw Office for People with Disabilities.

10. The University Library offers internet access to its users. Borrowing outside the Library

§5 General rules

1. Borrowing outside the University Library is run by the Circulation Desk and Interlibrary. Loan Service. Libraries borrowing University Library collections may only make them available in their own reading rooms and staff rooms.

2. Registration of lending and return in the computer system replaces the request forms cycle.

3. The Library has the right, in appropriate cases, to demand the return of borrowed works before the specified time .

4. The Library has the right to set an earlier deadline for the return of materials which are particularly sought after. The return period specified in § 6 par. 3 are not then applicable.

5. A reader may renew a borrowed work if it has not been requested by another user in the meantime. S/he may do this online or in person at the Circulation Desk. Regardless of the reader's permission, a book may be renewed no more than three times in a row, each time for 30 days, with the exception of books borrowed for shorter periods, whose renewal period is consistent with their loan date.

6. Failure to meet the due date entails: a) suspension of Lending rights until the settlement of obligations to the Library, b) the fine specified in the Price List for University Library Services. Circulation Desk


1. The Circulation Desk loans books and other library materials to the people and libraries listed in § 2 par. 7 and 8.

2. Reserved books and unrealized request forms are kept for three days. The reader may obtain information about the lack of availability of a book. Items unavailable at the time of reservation may be reserved according to the Instructions for reserving books.

3. The University Library loans: a) up to 20 vol. up to 90 days – independent UW academic teachers, b) up to 10 vol. up to 60 days – other UW academic staff, UW librarians, doctoral students, doctoral students employed at the UW, independent academic workers outside the UW registered in Warsaw c) up to 8 vol. up to 30 days – UW students of all undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate study modes d) up to 5 vol. up to 30 days – remaining UW employees, e) up to 3 vol. up to 30 days – other individual readers authorised for loans, f) up to 20 vol. up to 30 days – UW departmental libraries, g) up to 10 vol. up to 30 days – other academic libraries in Warsaw.

4. The Library does not loan: a) works included in the reading rooms and staff rooms reference collections, b) special collections, c) encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, and other reference publications, d) magazines, e) newspapers, f) books published in the years 1801-1950, g) items in poor condition and unbound offprints and small volume prints, h) works that are rare and difficult to acquire, with a large number of tables, maps and figures, and folders with loose cards, i) prints included in cimelia, j) microforms, k) works from free access marked with a red sticker or dot.

5. The restrictions referred to in par. 4 of pts. a, c, d and k may, for a limited period (up to three days), be suspended for persons with disabilities, upon presentation of an authorisation from the Bureau for People with Disabilities.

6. Books from the Textbook Collection (marked with a white label and a call number starting with "W") may only be borrowed outside the Library to full-time, evening, weekend, and post-graduate students and doctoral candidates students of the University of Warsaw.

Interlibrary Loan

§7 Loans from the Library’s own collection to domestic and foreign libraries

1. The University Library loans collections from its libraries to domestic and international libraries for a period of 30 days.

2. Interlibrary loand does not cover: a) the works mentioned in § 6 par. 4, b) works needed in the UW teaching process , c) large-format works.

3. Instead of loaning the original, the University Library may create a secondary document (copy) of the sought for work at the expense of the customer, subject to the provisions of copyright law.

4. Unrealised one-off request forms are returned to the ordering library stating the reason for non-performance of the order. Unrealized circulation request forms are sent to other libraries.

5. The cost of sending ordered items by post is covered by the University Library; the cost of return by the ordering party.

§8 Incoming materials from other libraries

1. The University Library brings and provides from Polish and international libraries in its reading rooms materials for the staff and students of the University of Warsaw. Students’ orders should be provided with a tutor recommendation regarding the necessity of borrowing the work.

2. From Polish libraries, only materials that are not in Warsaw libraries shall be borrowed; from foreign libraries – materials which are not available from a Polish library and are not available in the form of electronic full-text materials.

3. The costs of such borrowing are defined by the Price List for University Library Services.

Chapter IV
Readers’ duties and responsibilities

1. Users are required to comply with these Regulations, the rules of individual University Library agencies and the rules of order in force in the University Library.

2. Any change on personal data, and in particular home address, and loss of library card, should immediately be reported to the Circulation Desk. The consequences of neglecting this duty shall be borne by the cardholder. A duplicate library card may be obtained after a written statement describing the loss or destruction.

3. Prior to termination of the employment contract with the University, UW employees are required to obtain a declaration from the Circulation Desk that obligations to the University Library have been met.

4. Students and UW doctoral students are required to obtain from the Circulation Desk: a) at the end of the academic year – a declaration of no non-returned books and no other arrears, b) prior to leaving the University – a declaration that arrears to the University Library have been settled.

5. The University Library declaration is the condition for obtaining formal confirmation of completion of a year of study, receipt of a degree, or return of documents submitted in the case of an interruption in studies.

6. The personal information of UW students and employees are deleted from the UW library system after obtaining clearance from the University Library. Each user, after settlement of obligations to the University Library, has the right to request the removal of their personal data from the library system.

7. The user assumes full liability for any damage to library items undisclosed at the time of collection from libraries and discovered upon their return.

8. In the event of damage or loss of a work, the reader is required to provide an identical copy and bear the costs of binding, if the work was bound. If this is not possible, the head of the Public Services Department shall determine the purchase of another work of no more than three times the market value of the lost work. With the settlement of obligations, the reader does not acquire ownership of the damaged or lost property and if later discovered is still required to return the work to the University Library.

9. Removing items owned by the University Library outside its territory without fulfilling the mandatory procedures, destruction of said items, or failure to abide by generally accepted standards of behaviour shall entail a breach of these Regulations.

10. Infringement of these Regulations shall entail: a) a request to immediately leave the University Library, b) temporary or perpetual disqualification from possessing a library card, c) application to the competent authorities for punishment for UW students and staff. These sanctions are not mutually exclusive, and these Regulations do not replace and do not preclude the application of generally applicable laws.

Chapter V
Final provisions

Resolution of matters not provided for in the provisions of these Regulations is the responsibility of the Director of the University of Warsaw 5Library. The Director of the University of Warsaw Library’s decision may be appealed before the Rector.
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